Belstaff x McLaren

Precision engineered, authentic, beautiful

8th November 2018 Work Back to Journal

Spark was selected to lead the creative direction for a collaboration between two brands at the forefront of luxury and performance.

Belstaff and McLaren might, to some, not seem the most obvious of partnerships, but “obvious” rarely leads to “extraordinary”, and when creating this collaborative capsule of driver-inspired clothing, extraordinary is exactly what was required.  To us, it always felt a very natural fit: two iconic British brands, with global profiles and a shared belief in the importance of innovation and design – and innovation in design.

The remit for Spark was to identify the touchpoints between the two companies and inspire the designers to precision engineer something authentic and beautiful.  By starting with the relationship between driver, car and environment, and working through to unique characteristics such as the individual ID plates of every model, a considered direction was laid out for the team to follow.

The collection as a whole can be seen as a study of how the needs of performance influence the mechanics of design. It’s a collaboration that brings beauty to purpose and function to style in clothes that can be worn whenever and wherever, with a practical, modern aesthetic that is never stuffy, always stylish.

Men can shop the collection here, whilst the women’s collection is here.


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